Aptitude test for applicants with degrees from foreign universities

COMPARATIVE STUDIES IN ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LANGUAGE, LITERATURE, AND CULTURE (120 ECTS) offers instruction in the following fields of specialization:

  • Medieval English Studies (Anglistik I)
  • American Studies (Anglistik II)
  • English Linguistics (Anglistik III)
  • Modern English Literature (Anglistik IV)
  • Anglophone Literatures (Anglistik V)

The four-semester Master program starts once a year in the winter term (October).

This Master program is designed to prepare students for both academic and non-academic careers by furthering their research and language skills and preparing them to meet the demands of domestic and international job markets.

Application deadlines:

With degrees from foreign universities and/or other degrees than Bachelor of Arts: May 31st.

Please fill in our application form.

Please note that you need to specify your grades ("excellent" or "good" is not sufficient). You can find an overview of grades on the back of your certificate.


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Master Comparative Studies in English and American Language, Literature and Culture

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